Autorisasjon for privatetterforskere i UK

Dear IKD Members,

The UK government has today published the response to the Daniel Morgan
Independent Panel Report (here [2]).

The UK government refers to the ABI proposed UK GDPR Code of Conduct,
which will be of interest to IKD member organisations.

The report recommendation relating to private investigators and the UK
government response is copied here:

Recommendation 9: The Government should act on its stated intention in 2013 to require licensing measures, introduce legislation to ensure the creation and use of standards, and implement the recommendation in the 2016 review concerning the regulation of private investigators.

The Government notes the positive steps the private investigator industry is taking towards raising standards through the progress of the Association of British Investigators’ draft Code of Conduct. In light of this progress we will keep under review the need to extend regulation to introduce a new regime

The above speaks for itself but does highlight the important work being
undertaken by the ABI in its development with the ICO of the proposed
Code of Conduct.

The code is still under review and the ABI has raised two key issues
that require an internal ICO policy decision. However, we remain
quietly confident this project will come to fruition this year.


Tony Imossi

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